"You KNOW you wanna!"

About Rich Louden


Rich was born in 1904 in an Alaskan gold mine. After years of toiling in the family business of mining for the precious metal, Rich made his way south to Montana where he lived on a Blackfoot reservation for the next 36 years.
  He learned different trades, such as brain tanning buffalo and elk hide, smoking meat over a low heat coal to make jerky, parching corn, and BINGO. It was the latter that brought him East. Rich heard of the legendary BINGO halls of Burlington Iowa and just knew that was where he belonged.
While in Burlington running BINGO on Sunday's for various church groups, Rich heard the sound of angels. Upon pondering what he had just heard, he realized that he had just passed gas. False alarm. BUT...Rhinestone Cowboy was playing on the AM radio machine and he was bitten by the music bug...right on the privates. It hurt. A lot.

Rich played in various bands such as The Backwash Boys, Earl and the Monotone Twelve, and Baby Monkey Needs a Swat.
While having limited success with these bands, he didn't find his real calling until he met a scrappy young fella named Me (or Sean, as everyone but me calls me).

Now Rich is 2/3 of the duo Ketcham Louden Live.